As a child, the title character in Barbara Cooney's children's book, Miss Rumphius, is given these words of advice by her elderly grandfather: "You must do something to make the world more beautiful." Later in life, she achieves this goal - literally - by scattering bushels of lupine seeds that transform the landscape as they flower.
Oh, but there are a lot of ways to make the world more beautiful.
abstract photo of blurred pink blossoms against a dark background

blush dream: From the "Altered" collection

A photograph is one interpretation of a fleeting and variable mix of light, time, subject and circumstance. It can hold a story, evoke a memory or emotion, tell an uncomfortable truth, or reveal hidden beauty. Over the years, I've explored the "how" of digital photography: understanding
f-stops, qualities of light, and the functions of at least a few of the bazillion buttons on my camera.
There's always more to learn, but I'm sure of this: I'm awake when making pictures. Rarely do I feel quite as present as I do when I'm out with my camera. This, I've discovered, is my photographic "why." I do it not only to please my eye, but also my soul.
I'm drawn to the shapes, tones and moods of the natural world. It’s both vulnerable and fierce; both needy and indifferent; capable of both blending into the background and grabbing the spotlight. After years of hibernating during Canadian winters and avoiding mud puddles, I’ve been pleasantly re-introduced to the outdoors through photography. A minor miracle, maybe, but one for which I’m grateful.
silhouette of a single stem of Queen Anne's Lace against a sunset sky

Until Tomorrow: From the "Honour" collection

I make photos for myself... but if something about them resonates with you, I think that human connection is pretty exciting. Beautiful, even.
It's this connection, and how it can be extended for wider meaningful impact, that has prompted me to share my images, especially those that offer a sense of peace or positive energy.
I think the "right" piece of art - one that speaks to us personally - brings relaxation and sanctuary to our living spaces, and clarity and inspiration to our working spaces. These are among the gifts provided by all forms of creative work.
Have a look at the photographs to see whether any of them are "right" for you and your spaces.
abstract photo of a blurred purple and orange horizon at sunset at the shoreline of Grand Bend Ontario

Light My Way: From the "Flow" collection

As for the wider meaningful impact: I'll contribute a percentage of the purchase price of each print sold to one of several charitable organizations in Ontario's Waterloo Region (a children's hospital, a hospice, a library, and more... please read about them in the galleries). I think our communities benefit in many ways when their individuals practice whatever it is that lights them up. I'm so pleased to extend my support through my love of photography.
These organizations are doing important work. They're making the world more beautiful (no lupines necessary). And we can help.
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